Disability and Rehabilitation

Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville has a particular area of focus in rehabilitation and disability policy and law that extends across healthcare, post-acute care, technology, employment, vocational rehabilitation, independent living, and civil rights.

Led by a team of attorneys and professionals with extensive professional and personal disability experience, the disability law firm:

  • Possesses expertise in analyzing and proposed legislation and regulations
  • Monitors and analyzes key rehabilitation/disability legislation and regulations and can provide historical context for proposed policy changes
  • Drafts bills, amendments, congressional testimony, suggested floor statements, and other congressional advocacy documents
  • Advises corporations as to disability community issues and accommodations
  • Offers in-depth knowledge of the budget and appropriations process and how these annual processes affect federal agencies that fund rehabilitation and disability programs
  • Develops and deploys constituent relationships with key legislators
  • Understands the interplay between Congress, the executive branch agencies, and rehabilitation and disability interest groups, and uses that knowledge to identify windows of opportunity to leverage the consumer voice
  • Works extensively on technology and assistive technology issues that impact the rehabilitation and disability community

Coalitions of like-minded organizations have become an effective way of leveraging the voices of individual organizations in Washington to achieve consensus policy objectives. Powers specializes in the development, management, and coordination of coalitions to advance rehabilitation and disability issues through a consensus-based, substantive approach. Powers attorneys provide vision, leadership, and expertise, enabling these groups to flourish into long-term, member-driven, effective coalitions.

Examples of existing coalitions coordinated by the Powers firm include:

Powers attorneys are available for speaking engagements on a variety of disability related topics including legislative/regulatory environmental scan and forecast, leadership and diversity, the impact of assistive technology on the independence of people with disabilities, disability culture, the disability market and why corporate American should care, and Medicaid and the transformation to home and community-based care.

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