Educational accreditation is intended to ensure that educational institutions or programs meet quality assurance standards.

In many countries, educational accreditation is overseen by government organizations. However, in the United States, the accreditation process is predominantly carried out by independent, non-governmental, nonprofit organizations. These accrediting bodies set standards that encompass nearly all facets of postsecondary educational institutions and programs. These standards may sometimes overlap with, and occasionally clash with, federal and state requirements.

Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville represents clients in a variety of interactions with education accrediting agencies including:

  • Accreditation appeals
  • Assisting with self-studies and responses to accreditation visit reports
  • Initial grants of accreditation
  • Renewal of accreditation
  • Representation in connection with adversarial proceedings that could result in probation
  • Responding to show cause orders (O.S.C.)
  • Substantive change approvals
  • Withdrawal or revocation of accreditation
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