Powers Principal Peggy Tighe was quoted this week in Stat, a health news website, on Nancy Pelosi’s new drug pricing plan.

The article, entitled “Pelosi’s drug pricing plan could wipe out some key funding for low-income hospitals,” discusses a 60-word provision included in Pelosi’s bill (H.R. 3) that, as currently drafted, would seriously hamper the ability for hospitals and clinics to get a 340B discount on any drug subject to the bill’s proposed Medicare negotiation of drug prices.

Peggy is quoted as saying, “We do think the language is problematic as written, but are assured that the authors did not mean to change the 340B program. We are committed to working with them to ensure that the language is right.”

Read the full article here.

Peggy works closely with both the Healthcare and Government Relations & Public Policy teams at Powers. She teams with health systems, patient groups, and provider organizations to develop persuasive policy arguments and strategies to influence Congress and relevant agencies, creating change to protect and support providers and the patients they serve.

She focuses her practice on lobbying, coalition building, crafting and implementing grassroots campaigns, and coordinating media relations. She has experience strategizing and implementing federal grassroots activities, including grasstops (high-level grassroots), coalition building, letter writing, and database building.


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