Powers Principal Paul Moorehead discussed the late Senator John McCain’s work on Indian issues in an Indian Country Today article.

The article highlights Senator John McCain’s support of tribal sovereignty, noting that although he desired less government spending, he generally supported more money for Indian programs, especially health and education., including the re-authorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

In the article, Paul states that the senator became vocal about Indian issues when he was first elected to the senate in the early 1980s. Paul, a former chief counsel and staff director to the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, said he worked on the “Indians for McCain” group in 2008 when Senator John McCain ran for president.

Paul’s practice focuses exclusively on Federal Indian law and policy, including initiatives, policies and programs that affect Indian tribal governments and Native American people.

He has decades of experience with Indian law, including appropriations, commercial transactions, energy and natural resources development, trust reform, environmental protection, gaming, healthcare and telemedicine, housing and infrastructure development, tribal self-governance, taxation, and Indian land and water rights settlements.

To read the full article on Senator John McCain’s work with Indian matters, click here. Paul Moorehead can be reached at Paul.Moorehead@powerslaw.com or 202-872-6745.

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