Powers attorneys Paul Moorehead and Kathleen Hatfield authored an opinion piece in Law360 on the benefits of telehealth for tribal communities.

In the piece, Moorehead and Hatfield discuss the ways in which telehealth can improve access to health care for Indian tribal communities, as well as the various funding opportunities for tribal telehealth that are currently available, including those from recent COVID-19 response bills.

The piece follows a recent webinar hosted by Powers on telehealth funding opportunities for Indian tribes.

Click here to read the full op-ed.

Paul is a principal in the Powers Indian Tribal Governments practice. He focuses exclusively on Federal Indian law and policy. A former chief counsel and staff director to the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Paul has decades of experience with Indian law, including appropriations, commercial transactions, energy and natural resources development, trust reform, environmental protection, gaming, healthcare and telemedicine, housing and infrastructure development, tribal self-governance, taxation, and Indian land and water rights settlements.

Kathleen is Counsel in the firm’s government relations practice. She provides policy guidance, legislative and legal advice for corporations and non-profit organizations, including primarily health facilities and cultural entities. She focuses her practice on federal appropriations, the acquisition of federal, state and private grant funding for hospitals, federally-qualified health centers, museums and others. She represents diverse entities that partner with local municipalities, educational institutions, Native American communities and affiliated networks.

For more information on tribal telehealth opportunities, Paul Moorehead can be reached at Paul.Moorehead@PowersLaw.com and Kathleen Hatfield can be reached at Kathleen.Hatfield@PowersLaw.com.

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