Powers Law Managing Partner Peter W. Thomas went on KSFR 101.1 Barrier Free Futures Talk Radio with Bob Kafka, a long-time advocate for disability rights and independent living, to discuss healthcare, rehabilitation, and disability policy. Peter discussed his own experience in the disability community, his advocacy that led to the NIH designation of people with disabilities as a distinct health disparity population, and his work that led to Medicare coverage of seat elevation in power wheelchairs.

Listen to the full interview: https://barrierfreefutures.libsyn.com/

Read the full transcript: https://bff.justwork.io/

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Peter W. Thomas has been a legislative and regulatory advocate for more than 25 years. His practice focuses on healthcare from a rehabilitation and disability perspective, Medicare coverage and reimbursement policy, Medicare audits and appeals, rehabilitation and disability research policy and funding, access to medical rehabilitation services and devices, and appropriations. Contact Peter at Peter.Thomas@PowersLaw.com or 202-872-6730.


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