Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville Principal Peter Thomas was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Amputee Coalition, the national consumer organization for people with limb loss.  The award was presented at the Amputee Coalition 2011 National Conference on June 2, 2011, in Kansas City, MO.  Peter participated in the establishment of the organization more than 20 years ago and has remained active on prosthetic and orthotic advocacy throughout his career.

Peter states, “I have a warm place in my heart for the Amputee Coalition, having been around at the dawn of the organization.  I have watched the organization mature through the years under the guidance of leaders with limb loss and continue to be extremely impressed with the progress it has made for amputees across America.  I accept this award today with great humility and deep gratitude.  I know that my work is only being recognized because of many other people in my life that have enabled me to focus on advocacy for people with limb loss.  And despite the fact that it is a Lifetime Achievement Award, I want you to know that I have no intention of moving on to some other goal.  I will continue my advocacy efforts, along with many other consumers and the providers who serve them, to try to enable others with limb loss to have the same opportunities I have had to be functional in independent.  Thank you so very much.”

For more information about the Amputee Coalition, please see www.amputee-coalition.org.

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