As the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, nonprofit organizations are facing a number of difficult decisions regarding their upcoming conferences and events and their workplace policies. In most cases, organizations are choosing to cancel or postpone their events, and many are developing unprecedented workplace policies to protect the health of their employees, attendees, and members.

Organizations may face several obstacles to cancelling conferences, awards dinners, and other large events without a penalty, depending on the stipulations of the contract they signed, and the type of insurance they have purchased. They are also breaking new ground in developing mandatory work-from-home, reporting, and liberal leave policies to comply with federal and state social distancing directives.

Powers attorneys Rob Portman and Ben Tesdahl are closely following the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on nonprofit organizations and  are actively assisting clients in evaluating their hotel and convention center contracts and interim employment policies in light of the outbreak. If you need assistance navigating a cancellation with a convention center, hotel, or other vendor or in developing short-term COVID-19 related workplace policies, contact Rob at Rob.Portman@PowersLaw.com or Ben at Ben.Tesdahl@PowersLaw.com.

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