Powers Principal William von Oehsen and Associate Mark Ogunsusi presented on the American Society for Pharmacy Law Podcast, giving insights into their conference talk unpacking Critical Policies, Arguments, and Expectations regarding Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act.

Enacted in 1992, Section 340B entitles certain safety-net health care providers to purchase from manufacturers outpatient drugs at a deeply discounted ceiling price defined by the 340B statute. Besides highlighting the recent developments related to the 340B Statute, the presentation will discuss federal and state bills to curb the manufacturers’ restrictive policies and critical predictions for the future of 340B contract pharmacy arrangements.

The 33rd annual American Society for Pharmacy Law Developments in Pharmacy Law seminar will be held November 3-6 at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, FL. The Seminar is being held in-person this year, allowing attendees to learn, share and network with seasoned legal and pharmaceutical professionals like Bill and Mark.

To listen to the podcast, please click here.

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