Powers Principal William von Oehsen contributed the legal analysis to a recent article discussing drug purchasing strategies that could lower drug prices for treating Hepatitis C patients within the criminal justice system.

The article appeared in the June 2018 issue of the Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, a quarterly journal dedicated to the latest trends in the clinical diagnosis and management of patients with infectious diseases.

The article discusses how the Hepatitis C virus in the United States is concentrated in corrections and how current direct-acting antiviral prices are prohibitively high for prison health care budgets. Because of this, very few incarcerated persons with Hepatitis C receive treatment. Bill analyzed the different options available for prison systems to overcome the gap between demand for and availability of treatment.

Bill published the article with co-authors Anne C. Spaulding and Madeline G. Adee with the Department of Epidemiology at Emory University; Robert T. Lawrence with the Alaska Department of Corrections; and Jagpreet Chhatwa with the Institute for Technology Assessment at Massachusetts General Hospital.

To access the article, click here.

Drug Pricing Attorney William von Oehsen

William von Oehsen has extensive experience in general health law, legislation and policy, especially in the areas of pharmaceutical pricing, food and drug law, materials management, managed care and third party reimbursement.

Bill has more than 20 years of experience on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement matters, including the 340B drug discount program, the Medicaid drug rebate program, Medicare Part D, Robinson-Patman, and state Medicaid and pharmacy laws.

In addition to representing safety-net providers participating in the 340B program, Bill provides guidance to pharmacies, pharmacy-related vendors and consultants, states, local governments, and other healthcare entities in their efforts to improve access to pharmaceutical care and to ensure compliance with drug pricing laws.

For more information regarding the drug pricing or the 340B program, contact Bill von Oehsen at 202-872-6765 or William.vonOehsen@powerslaw.com.

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