On August 14th 2019, Powers Principal Larry Gondelman obtained an order of dismissal on behalf of a client named as a defendant in a False Claims Act case.

The client, a third-party financial aid servicer, was alleged to have assisted an educational institution in violating the False Claims Act regarding Title IV funds. While the client was hired by the educational institution in July 2017, the complaint alleged that the client aided the submission of false claims by concealing false claims made prior to July 2017.  The complaint also alleged that after it was hired the client assumed the responsibility for loan processing and improperly disbursed Title IV funds in violation of the Act.

Powers attorney Larry Gondelman argued that his client could not be liable for any claims made by the institution prior to being hired in July 2017 and that the plaintiff had failed to provide the requisite degree of particularity with respect to the funds allegedly improperly disbursed subsequent to the client’s hiring. On August 14th, the court granted the motion to dismiss, agreeing with Gondelman’s argument that the client’s actions did not violate the False Claims Act.

Larry is a Litigation Attorney that works primarily on behalf of healthcare and education clients. He regularly represents clients who receive subpoenas from the Office of Inspector General, face False Claims Act charges, are subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury, or become embroiled in civil or criminal litigation. Larry has represented numerous clients in investigations by various Offices of Inspector General, Assistant United States Attorneys, and several divisions of the Department of Justice. He has tried a wide variety of criminal cases involving public officials, government contractors and executives of corporations, and has also conducted many internal investigations on behalf of companies in connection with alleged misconduct by employees.

For more information, Larry can be reached at Larry.gondelman@powerslaw.com.

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