Powers Education Group attorneys Joel Rudnick, Dan Brozovic, and Katherine Demedis will present webinars as part of Career Education Colleges and Universities’ (CECU) 2020 Virtual Convention.

Joel will present a session titled “Top 10 Regulatory Risks Impacting Career Colleges,” and Dan and Katherine will present a session titled “Are You Ready to Implement the New Title IX Rules?” along with Laura Sitarski of Sitarski Law.

The presentations will be pre-recorded and made available to convention attendees on the CECU website beginning June 17 through October 1. Visit this page for more information about free attendee registration for the 2020 Virtual Convention.

Top 10 Regulatory Risks Impacting Career Colleges

This presentation will discuss the current regulatory risks faced by career colleges and universities and offer strategies for monitoring and managing those risks. It will provide an overview of recent Title IV-related enforcement activity, as well as trending compliance topics emerging from recent enforcement activity, including program reviews. It will also discuss how enforcement has played out under the current administration and the impact of state enforcers.

Are You Ready to Implement the New Title IX Rules?

The U.S. Department of Education’s new Title IX rules are currently set to take effect on August 14, 2020 and will impact how institutions must respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment.  This presentation will walk schools through the process of handling a Title IX complaint, including the required investigation, hearing and appeal phases. The presentation will highlight critical changes to the required investigation and grievance processes, including the much-debated requirements for postsecondary institutions to hold live hearings with cross-examination of parties and witnesses. It will also highlight where the new regulations overlap with the existing requirements of the Clery Act.  Finally, the presenters will address new requirements regarding staffing, dissemination of information, training, and record-keeping under Title IX.

About the presenters:

Joel Rudnick is a Principal in the education practice. He has focused exclusively on representing universities, colleges and other postsecondary schools, service providers, investors and lenders on compliance, litigation and transactional matters since 1992. He advises clients on compliance issues arising out of all aspects of the federal, state, and accrediting agency regulation of public and private postsecondary educational institutions, with a primary focus on Title IV federal student aid matters.

Dan Brozovic is a Principal in the education practice. He represents institutions of higher education, service providers and investors in transactions regulated by the U.S. Department of Education and in regulatory matters and administrative litigation before the Department. Dan also counsels educational institutions regarding compliance with federal, state, accrediting agency, and grant funding agency standards.

Katherine Demedis is an Associate in the education practice. She advises educational institutions regarding compliance with state and federal standards, including the Clery Act, Title IX, and FERPA.  She also assists schools in responding to accrediting agency reports and actions.  Katie actively monitors legislative, regulatory, interpretive guidance, and other developments on a variety of federal education matters allowing her to provide exceptional support and insight to her clients.

For more information, contact Joel at Joel.Rudnick@PowersLaw.com, Dan at Dan.Brozovic@PowersLaw.com or Katherine at Katherine.Demedis@PowersLaw.com.

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