Powers Principals William von Oehsen, Jason Reddish, Peggy Tighe and Associate Mark Ogunsusi are presenting at the Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access’ 340B Grantees Fall Conference this week. Panels and roundtables will cover the latest 340B program regulations, strategies for maximizing the benefits of the 340B program, ways to use data to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and 340B advocacy.

  • Mark Ogunsusi will be speaking at the “340B 101” session, providing attendees with a thorough review of the 340B program. Mark will also be speaking on state policy issues relating to manufacturer restrictions on 340B drug distribution, including an analysis of the important impact of Arkansas and Louisiana’s 340B distribution laws.  Mark will also speak on alternative contract pharmacy distribution models that grantees may consider to maintain access to discounted drugs where their patients can receive them.
  • Peggy Tighe will be speaking at two sessions. The first session, titled “The National and State 340B Landscape,” will feature panelists talking about Congress, the states, courts, and association advocacy on 340B. The second session, titled “Influence and Impact: Moving the Needle with Policymakers,” will offer insights into the 340B advocacy landscape.
  • William von Oehsen will be speaking at two sessions as well. The first session, “340B Audit Issues — Common Pitfalls, Latest Developments, and Choosing a Reviewer,” will review the HRSA 340B audit process. William will also speak at the closing session, “Charting the Future: Actions and Anticipations for 340B.”
  • Jason Reddish will be speaking at the “Coming at You — Track-&-Trace, USP 800 & 790 Issues, IRA” session, which will cover specific standards set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety and quality of medicines.

Powers staff served on the coordinating committee organizing the conference and will help lead sessions between peers on a variety of important topics to 340B safety net providers.

To learn more about the 340B Grantees Fall Conference and view the full agenda, please visit rwc340b.org/granteesfall/.

Powers is a renowned Washington, DC-based law and government relations firm specializing in healthcare and regulatory matters, education, and the law of tribal nations. Powers’ 340B program practice has been at the forefront of defending and advancing the 340B program, advocating for the needs of safety net providers and their patients for several decades. Powers assists 340B covered entities and other 340B stakeholders – including Ryan White Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, children’s hospitals, disproportionate share hospitals, rural hospitals, retail pharmacies and contract pharmacy administrators. William von Oehsen helped draft the original 340B legislation as well as significant amendments to the statute under the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

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