Powers Counsel Steve Kuperberg spoke at The George Washington University Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Corporate Compliance Program Tuesday, offering students insight into the complexities of conducting internal investigations to ensure compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.

Steve addressed students at the GW Alexandria Graduate Education Center on the second day of a five-day program that is part of a comprehensive corporate compliance education. The program focuses on healthcare laws and regulations, in addition to tools and strategies for creating effective corporate compliance programs.

In his speech titled “Conducting Internal Investigations,” Steve discussed internal investigations as a critical component of any company’s compliance program and how corporate compliance officers can understand when they need to initiate such an investigation. He also discussed how investigations should be conducted and the legal issues that could potentially be raised by investigations.

Steve, who has more than two decades of experience, presented several examples of situations he has encountered in the many internal investigations he has conducted.  To view Steve’s presentation, please click here.

Steve’s practice focuses on representing clients in government criminal investigations and related civil litigation, particularly in matters alleging violations of the federal fraud and abuse laws, health care promotional practices laws, and antitrust laws.

A former prosecutor and seasoned defense attorney, Steve has experience representing clients under investigation by U.S. Attorney’s Offices, the Department of Justice Civil and Criminal Fraud units and Antitrust Division, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state and federal inspectors general, state attorneys general, and other governmental bodies.

For more information regarding internal investigations, please contact Steve Kuperberg at Steve.Kuperberg@PowersLaw.com or 202-872-6764.To learn more about The George Washington University’s Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance, please click here.

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