Powers Director of Tribal Government Relations, Natasha John, will be presenting at the upcoming Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference, taking place in Orlando from March 11-15. Natasha will be presenting the “Navigating Policy: Advancing and Strengthening Native American Health Initiatives” session on March 11 as part of the Native American Health IT Symposium at HIMSS 2024.

The symposium will inform participants of how the Federal government and tribes are improving healthcare and enhancing opportunities that support Native American and Indigenous populations. During her session, Natasha will discuss:

  • Healthcare challenges faced by Native American and Indigenous populations;
  • Legislation and policy aimed at increasing healthcare data access for these populations;
  • Advocacy strategies t for advancing culturally informed policy initiatives and;
  • Navigating Congress to have largest impact on Native American and Indigenous populations.

The annual conference, hosted by the HIMSS, brings together over 35,000 professionals from across the global health landscape to dive into the latest topics in healthcare. This year’s theme is “Creating Tomorrow’s Health.” The HIMSS Native American and Indigenous Peoples Community was created last year, and is committed to convening, educating and equipping tribal leaders and tribal health professionals with culturally informed resources designed to help improve health outcomes and enhance opportunities within Native American and Indigenous people’s healthcare.

Learn more about the conference at https://www.himssconference.com/.

Natasha John is the Director of Tribal Government Relations in the firm’s Indian Tribal Governments practice, where she focuses on government relations and advocacy. Natasha focuses on clients’ legislative and regulatory policy goals in the areas of energy, health, natural resources, environment, economic development, and infrastructure. In addition to representing clients on Capitol Hill, she has represented clients before executive agencies, Federal advisory committees, and industry groups. She has demonstrated experience in policy analysis, coalition building, and advancing legislation. She can be reached at Natasha.John@PowersLaw.com.



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