Powers attorney Mark Ogunsusi was featured in 340B Report‘s Industry Leader Spotlight series where he talked about his passion for the 340B drug pricing program, his advice for young attorneys and more.

When asked about what his most significant contribution to the 340B world was he said:

“One of my significant contributions was working on a litigation matter with Powers attorneys Bill von Oehsen, Barbara Williams, Ron Connelly, and Peggy Tighe, and obtaining a complete victory on behalf of Arkansas safety net providers and the communities they serve. The case was a seminal district court case, Pharm. Rsch. & Manufacturers of Am. v. McClain, 645 F. Supp. 3d 890 (E.D. Ark. 2022), which challenged Arkansas’s novel 340B distribution law on preemption grounds. Powers was successful at both the district and appellate courts in protecting Arkansas’s public health system.”

You can read the rest of the industry leader spotlight on 340B report’s website. For questions, Mark can be reached at Mark.Ogunsusi@PowersLaw.com. 

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