Jim Pyles, co-founder and principal of Powers, Pyles, Sutter & Verville, P.C., will deliver the key note address at a health law symposium, “Prognosis: Examining and Treating the Ailments of Health Care Law and Policy”, at the University of Tennessee College of Law on March 6, 2015.

Mr. Pyles’ address, titled “A Principled Approach to Healthcare Policy,” will focus on the importance of standards of medical and legal ethics and constitutional law as a foundation for the development of sustainable healthcare law and policy, in contrast to the more common “stakeholder” approach. The purpose of the address is to provide a non-partisan approach to developing sound health care policy that the public wants and trusts.

For more information, contact Jim Pyles at 202-466-6550 or jim.pyles@ppsv.com.

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