Powers attorney Jason Reddish was featured in 340B Report‘s Industry Leader Spotlight series where he talked about his passion for the 340B drug pricing program, his advice for young attorneys and more. When asked about what his most significant contribution to the 340B world was he said:

“I think the most visible impact I have had has been in working with state federally-qualified health center primary care associations to draft and promote legislation that protects 340B program covered entities from reimbursement discrimination and other types of PBM pickpocketing. Getting those statutes across the finish line in West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois and working on legislation for other states helped to normalize the idea that payers cannot pay less to covered entities and appropriate the 340B discount for themselves and their shareholders.  I am very proud of the work I have done for individual clients, and can think of a few occasions where I think we made a real difference for an entire community.”

You can read the rest of the industry leader spotlight on 340B report’s website. For questions,  Jason can be reached at Jason.Reddish@PowersLaw.com.

The Powers’ 340B Program practice represents safety net providers and pharmacies participating in the 340B drug pricing program. The firm’s drug pricing and 340B Program practice is led by William von Oehsen, one of the primary architects of the 340B program who fought for the inclusion of safety net hospitals as covered entities eligible to access lower cost drugs. Learn more about the 340B program practice here

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