Powers Higher Education Specialist Sharon Bob recently published an article on accreditation and the role accreditors will play in the future.

In the article, Sharon discusses the purpose of accreditation and how the Department of Education has changed throughout recent decades, including the emphasis on outcomes and accountability under both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Under the Trump Administration, the Department of Education is also calling for greater accountability, transparency, and innovation but hopes to reduce compliance requirements for accreditors and more clearly define the college oversight roles of the accrediting agencies, state governments and federal regulators.

The article appeared in the National Association of State Administrators and Supervisors of Private Schools Quarterly, a newsletter focused on higher education news and events. To read the full article, click here.

Sharon Bob  

Dr. Sharon H. Bob is a higher education specialist at Powers. She understands how to navigate the complex and vastly regulated field of higher education and federal financial assistance.

Sharon works with public and private colleges and universities to help them prepare for Department of Education program reviews or accreditation visits, conduct training on the administration of financial aid programs, provide legislative and regulatory updates, and find ways to limit liabilities following a program review or audit.

For more information, Sharon can be reached at Sharon.Bob@powerslaw.com or 202-872-6772.

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